Hand trim

Hand manicured buds. e-mail or call us for a price quote. 

Every grower has their own way that they like their flowers to look and be handled. We take the utmost care in making sure you are satisfied with the quality of our work. We work with each of our clients to make sure we are manicuring to the exact specifications of each individual grower/processor.


trim machines. e-mail or Call us for a price-quote

Finally a machine that does it like we do! The evolution of electric trimmers has come a long way. The machines we use do not destroy the flowers and they even keep the trichomes in tact. For professionally manicured buds in a fraction of the time, you may want to consider this option. 



cleaning crews

When the work is finished, there is still cleaning to be done.  We have efficient cleaning crews that have their OLCC handling permits and are experienced in cleaning grow rooms and processing facilities. Please call or e-mail us for pricing information.